A King for All Time

An AR Headset Nativity Experience

I’ve always been a fan of living nativity projects. Our local church put on a large one every year, which made a huge impact on me in my early teens. I’ve wanted to make an AR headset nativity experience for the last few years that church communities could use in their Christmas events. 

The idea is that it's a 10min "walkthrough movie" version of the nativity story, told wearing AR headsets with a sound system in the room to make the 3D characters talk. 

God told me to give this “first fruits” of my AR work away for free this first year to any churches who’d want to use it at their location, as long as they aren’t charging anyone to try it. 

This is a 10 minute 2021 “preview version” for you to test and try out, and I’ll be making a much larger 15-30 min version of the show in 2022 (which could also accommodate live actors).  

Recommended for ages 7-700! 

I don’t know how much of my vision I’ll get “done” for 2021 Christmas, but God told me to release it so I’m just being an obedient steward. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! 

-Justin Anderson

Hardware Requirements

  • An evenly lit room space of 16 x 22 feet (5 x 7 meters)
  • A square QR code printed to 196 in (500cm) fixed on a wall
  • For each headset
  • Borrow an iPhone 11, 12, or 13 Pro (“Max” is too big)
  • Buy a Merge VR foam headset (with removable tile for the camera)
  • For the room
  • A basic 2.4Ghz/5Ghz router that’s only for this show, with an internet connection
  • An iPhone XR or better for sound (and optional picture)
  • A 2-speaker 100 watt sound system on stands, each speaker placed at opposite sides of the play space
  • A wired or bluetooth connection from the iPhone XR to the speakers
  • Additional Recommendations
  • Masking tape on the floor to block off the rectangle of the show space
  • A private room space so onlookers don’t show up inside the show
  • (Optional) A large TV monitor and HDMI cable/iPhone adapter connecting to the iPhone XR so you can broadcast what’s happening on a monitor in the next room
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